Lock Your Local

Secure you Spot - Lock out the Competition Today.

Grow your Business and knockout the local competition…Team up with the non-locals in your industry and create a Purchase P.I.G. or D.I.T Group. - There is Power In Groups. Make more timely, cost efficient and better biz decisions. What used to take months now takes days...What used to cost a lot now cost a little – Save Time and Money with a purchase P.I.G.!

Knockout the Competition

Secure Your Spot

MEET : Shane Nelson

MEET : Lauren Palmer

MEET : Shannon Hill

PIG teams start where ideas do overlap and local markets don't. Get the backing you need with minimal risk and maximum return - leaving your team All Smiles 🙂 "That's the Power In Groups! "

Start With Agreement!

Printers -helping- Printers

-What a Novel Idea-


LEVEL ( 1 ) Commitment & Courage.

It Used to be we could only Imagine...

  • Other Shops Committed to Our Success... ( really?)
  • Our Knowledge and Resources Grow Instantly by 10X
  • Our Costs Cut by 10X (saying "I can not afford not too")
  • Sleeping in Peace & Greeted Each Morning with New Ideas
  • Having More Hands & More Heads to work with...
  • A Marketing Team made up of Industry Insiders...
  • A Community where Ideas Have Feet...
  • Minimizing Risk while Maximizing Profits by 10X...
  • Accessing Better Art, Software, Marketers, and Minds
  • Having More Answers/ Less Problems ....
  • I could GO ON-&-ON...

STOP Imagining & START Experiencing

Blood, Sweat, Tears & Ink...

Have some PeaceKnowing Every Drop Counts

LEVEL ( 2 ) Group Alignment & Goals.

It Used to be we could rely on our Skill...

Today, Knowledge and Skill have become abundant resources - thank you "the Google".

Technology has increased drastically and we are either leading the way or falling behind. We can no longer rely on what worked yesterday to promise a better tomorrow. We have to compete smarter, faster, more effectively and without fear. But how? when? and with what?

We have to minimize risk while maximizing ROI. That is a huge feat for anyone to attempt alone but together - together we can do it with style... The year of collaboration is finally here and we have coined the term Collabetition to describe the new landscape. Join me and 99 other fellow screen print enthusiast as we explore this new ground.

STOP Looking Back & START Moving Forward.

We're Building -something- Remarkable.

-Go Farther Together -


LEVEL ( 3 ) Time to Grow & Lose those Silly Hats!

A Good Hat Says Sophistication but a Head full of Hats Screams Desperation...

Multiple hats is not in Style for 2017.We should stop patting ourselves on the back for making ourselves indispensable in our own company. Like many of you, I have a passion for screen printing, for art and for the business but I'm trying to grow a self sustaining business not a revolving to-do list.

It is time to take off a few of those hats and loose the idea that cloning ourselves is some sort of answer - It's NOT! In fact this mentality is our biggest obstacle...

STOP DIY (do it yourself) & START DIT(do it together)